BMW 735i - Drove at speed into floodwater - Rang Agents - advised that it would require major work on the engine computer etc. - Would have to be transported 100KM to major dealer - Convinced owner to allow myself to spray with Corrosion Block. Car started after allowing 10 minutes penetration - and amazed owner

G.V. Johnston

New Zealand

A customer with a Duke had a complaint that the air conditioning unit door was inoperable.  The electric motor which operates the door had not been used for several months and we anticipated having to replace it.  I sprayed the motor and was amazed at the fact that it began working within 15 minutes.  Then we tried it on a rotating beacon that was out and it also began working! You've got me convinced.

Dave Johnson, Airepair

...Corrosion Block is an all purposes lubricant that exceeds the demands of our full-time motorhome life style. Whether we use it around sophisticated electronics, where stubborn electrical problems persist, or for better contact and corrosion protection...Corrosion Block always works. Among our many uses have been to loosen rusted fasteners, protect electrical contacts, lubricate mechanical steps, awning slides and hydraulic jacks. Corrosion Block...we use it to protect everything in wet or corrosive environments.“

Dan & Judy Luckett.

A Tohatsu 90 HP outboard on 17ft alloy boat and full electrical equipment including VHF radio and Sounder etc. rolled in surf. Recovered 4 1/2 hours later. I drained the outboard of water, expelled excess moister from cylinders. Sprayed motor and all accessories and had the motor running again 1 hour later. Now 5 months since treatment and all O.K. (Now from my experience with C.B. I'm sure I could have saved those radios as well)

Note: Service agent quoted $4 - 4500 to overhaul this motor after salt water immersion.


Thorton Beach Bay of Plenty, New Zealand