Hurricane Recovery
"I've seen firsthand what Corrosion Block can do. After [Hurricane] Hugo, we have salvaged engines, power plants, radio gear, and other equipment treated with it. I want to be your distributor in the Virgin Islands.
- Carlos Gual
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Corrosion Block in the Movies

"On the filming of the new Block buster "Titanic", we found ourselves with a formidable problem from salt air corrosion. The film set was 200 yards from the Pacific Ocean on Rosa Rita Beach and our lighting equipment was at the mercy of the salt air constantly. We heard about Lear's products, Corrosion Block and ACF-50, and decided to give them a try. They worked great. We used the products to protect all of our equipment and both products worked wonderfully! Thanks to Corrosion Block & ACF-50 products, we didn't have a single corrosion related failure, on this 75 day shoot. It saved us a lot of time and money! Our great success with both of these products prompted us to use them on our next overseas project.
- Musco Mobile Lighting

Lear chemical products were also used in the filming of WaterWorld. As the title suggests, nearly every prop in this movie ended up in the water at some point. Corrosion control was needed, and Lear Chemical's products, Corrosion Block and ACF-50 were decided upon.

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